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It is only on our website where you can find the most awesome Tonka Games online on the internet, all of which we recommend to all the boys visiting on our website, since we have played them, so we know for sure that they are very entertaining to everyone!

The Tonka Games category was created in 05.01.2018 and from there we added more than 10 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 6 times and the best game from Tonka Games it's Drive to Wreck.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.01.2018 which it's Construction City Cargo.

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Tonka Games is a category of games mainly for boys for which we are extremely happy we now have on our website, since it makes our website ten times better than it already was, and you know that is quite a lot, since our website is already one of the best ones on the internet, with games that none of you should miss out on if you want to have lots of fun and new experiences every day. In order to keep that going and still be reigning champs for years to come, we knew we had to create a category of Tonka Games online, especially since we know for sure that there are not that many websites out there that currently offer these construction vehicles games online, games which we know are interesting to boys from all countries in the world. Men, from a young age, have always displayed interest in building things, and everything associated as well, and young boys are usually fascinated by the world of constructions of all kinds. That is why they are very impressed in bulldozers, tractors, loader trucks, or any other similar vehicles. Of course, they would love to be able to drive them and work with them, but, unfortunately for them, they are too young to do so. What is then to do? Well, in these days, the solution is very simple, and that is go online and play some games where you get to do exactly what you cannot in real life, and when it comes to construction and construction vehicles, at least for our website, Tonka Games is the place to be, and we are sure that once you start playing the games on this page, you are going to agree with us completely. If you did not know where Tonka comes from, worry not, since we are going to explain everything that you need to know right now, since we want you playing these games with confidence, and we are sure that if you know more things regarding this page and what inspired us to create it, you are going to be even more passionate when you play the games, and have even more fun than usual. Tonka is a toy line, a toy line specialized in toys of construction vehicles, like tractors or bulldozers for example, which kids can play with. They had great design, they were very easy to play with, so we are not at all surprised that they became the world-wide phenomenon that they are, as the toy line inspired countless of portable console games, games which can now also be found on our website as well. Not only that, but cartoon series and movies were also created featuring these toys, so you can imagine that this still remains one of the most successul toy lines in history. Now, in this modern day and age, toys are not as popular as they used to be, as the main place for children to play is now the computer and the internet, which is why we now have a category of Tonka Games online on our website, where you get to play with this vehicles, only in an online world, and we are positive that this is going to make the experience even better for everyone! On this page you are going to be able to find and play tractor games, bulldozer games, excavator games, truck games, loader games, crane games, forklift games, and plenty other types of games, so that you never get bored in this world of online construction machines! We are sure that these Tonka Games online now sound very appealing to everyone who has read this description up until now, and if that is the case, well, then you should waste no time at all, but start playing them immediately, choosing to start with whichever game you want, as you can freely browse this page and choose what to play. One thing is for certain, and that is that no matter what you choose, you are going to have a great time, just like we have had with each game that we have added so far into this category of games! Now that we have said everything that we wanted to regarding the Tonka Games category, we hope that you are going to start playing the games, and not only that, but we hope that you are going to share this page with all of your friends as well, so they can also get to find these games and have fun, because games are even better when you get to share them with friends, and then talk about the experiences that you have had with them. Also, when you are done with these games, we invite you to visit our other categories, all of them being awesome, and filled with great games!