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Each and every one of our visitors are now invited to check out the Toy Story Games category, which is the most special and beloved category of Pixar Games in the world, no doubt about it, where we have managed to gather a bunch of awesome games for you to check out, none of them worth missing out on, so let the fun begins at once!

The Toy Story Games category was created in 06.10.2018 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 63 times and the best game from Toy Story Games it's Lego Toy Story.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 10.07.2019 which it's Toy Story 4 Sliding Puzzle.

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Without one doubt, Toy Story Games is one of the categories that we wanted to have the most on our website, and we are very happy that we can share it with you all right now, as we are positive it is going to bring joy to millions of children worldwide. No matter what your age is, or what part of the world you come from, the chances are very high that you are aware of the Toy Story franchise, even if you have not seen any of the movies, since the first movie was a worldwide phenomenon, and the same can be said about the two sequels it had. In 2019, a fourth movie in the franchise is going to be released, so we knew that now was the best time for us to create this page, as we are sure that many of you will be searching the internet for Toy Story 4 Games online, and the best of them are going to be brought over for the first time on our website, just like it is the case with most categories we have here, since we work very hard on our content, which is why we believe so many of you keep coming back here as often as you do. Even now, a year from that time, there is still lots of interest in these games, since the movies are aired on television all the time, they are also available for streaming, and kids of all ages are certainly aware of the characters. Also, these Toy Story Games are of great quality, and that is another reason why they are so much sought-after! Now, we are sure that most of you need no convincing at all to play these Pixar Games, and we are sure that many of you did not even bother to read the article in the first place. Still, those of you who are here, might be here reading this because you are not that aware of the premise and characters of this movie franchise, and want to know more before you play online Toy Story Games. Trust us when we say, you can easily play the games without knowing a thing about this world, but still, if you really want to be more familiar with this world, worry not, since we will use the following part of the article to tell you the about the premise and characters of the movie, and finish things off by telling you about what kinds of amazing games you get to find and play here! In these movies, toys are not just toys, and that is because at night, or when no one is watching, the toys are actually alive, have personalities, their own hopes and dreams, and can interact with one another freely. The first movie focuses on just one boy, and the room where he keeps his toys. Woody is a cowboy doll, and considered the top toy in the room, because he is the toy that the boy loves most, and the one most popular among the other toys. That all changes one day, when a new toy arrives, Buzz Lightyear, a spaceman figure who threatens to take that spot away from Woody, although not intentionally, as Buzz is quite a wholesome figure as well. One day, after a fight between the two, Buzz and Woody end up outside of the house, going on an adventure, on which they are later joined by the other toys, who come in aid of their friends, who are wandering the outside world, trying their best not to be caught by people, and on their travels, they interact with plenty other toys, animals, and children alike. These movies are never-ending fun, and each one is better than the other one, no doubt about it! Now that you know all this, it is time for us to tell you what kinds of Toy Story Games you can play here for free. Well, you are going to find the category is quite a diverse one, having action games, adventure games, skill games, in it, as well as plenty other types, such as puzzle games, hidden objects games, memory games, racing games, coloring games, and many more. It does not matter what your tastes in online games usually are, the chances are very high that you will find many games to your liking here, so we hope that you will be trying out as many of them as possible! Of course, you should not keep all the fun to yourself, but instead invite your friends over, and show them this page, as well as the hundreds of more friv categories we have here so that together you will be having fun playing online games however long you want to!