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We are very happy that on our website we now have a category of Trivia Games/Quiz Games, since there are plenty of great friv games for us to bring here, which is why we are going to work very hard towards making this category as accessible as possible, and filled with as much awesome content as we can, so you always have a great time here!

The Trivia Games category was created in 02.08.2018 and from there we added more than 67 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 6 times and the best game from Trivia Games it's Trivia King.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 09.03.2020 which it's Popular Games Quiz.

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Dear visitors of Friv Games Today, we are right now welcoming you all over to the Trivia Games category, which is the page on which you are finding yourself right now, and where we have a feeling that you are going to be having a great time, as we are proud to say that we have managed to gather lots and lots of awesome games to this page, all of which we recommend, because if that had not been the case, we would not have wanted to have this category in the first place, or bring those games over, don’t you think so? If you are a constant visitor of our website, you have probably noticed that we are in the process of making our website even more inter-connected, and even more easy for you to find the games you are looking for, which is why categories are a must. Categories are made in order for games with the same traits to be found in one place, so that you do not have to use the search bar for finding them. Of course, the search bar is always available, and we recommend using it if you want to find something specific. Still, if you want to find Trivia Games or Quiz Games, now it is easier than ever, since we have a page dedicated to them, a page which we have a feeling is going to be visited by plenty of you, since these flash games have been around for a long time, and we are sure that they will stay with us even more. We have noticed that we have had lots of these games scattered all over the website, in other categories, and when there are lots of a certain format, we think that creating a page where you can easily find them is very important. That is how this page came to be, and we are sure that fans of such games will really appreciate it. Of course, to make it better, we do not have just games from other categories here, as we are also going to work hard towards bringing you original content as well, games that can only be found here, making the Trivia Games the best one you can find of games with this format, no matter which other websites you decide to visit in search for them. Now, from the following part of this description you will learn more about how Trivia Games friv work, and of course, about what games you will be able to find here, so we have no doubt at all that if you reach the end of this description, you will want to start having fun with the games at once! Well, in most games like this, you get a question about something, which can often times be accompanied by a picture. The same can be said of the answers, which can be text, an image, or both at the same time. Usually, you have to pick one of four possible answers, the one you think is correct, although that can change from game to game. You can have games where you need to answer the questions before time runs out on you, but in some, you can take your time. Then, there are games where you get points in return for correct answers, but the rewards system can also be in all sorts of ways. There are all sorts of kinds of games here, for all sorts of subjects, so you can find history trivia games, geography trivia games, art trivia games, science trivia games, and more. Now, let’s tell you some of the titles you will be finding on this page, shall we? Well, some of the games included here are named: World Capitals Quiz, World Cup Quiz, Hunter Street Season 1 Trivia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trivia, Star Wars Trivia, Triviacraft, Comic Book Villains, Animal Quiz, and more. No matter the subject, it is great to play such games, because you do not just get to see how well you do at a certain aspect, but at the same time, you also learn new things, since often times, if you get an answer wrong, you also see which one is the correct one, meaning you now know something new. It is really great to play quiz games/trivia games, and we mean this for children and adults alike, since this is one of those categories that can be enjoyed by people all ages, no matter what part of the world they come from, or their gender. They are great for everyone! When you are done playing these games on our page, do not forget that it is just one of many, so we invite you to visit other categories, and come to our website daily, and play the best new games on the internet!