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Without a doubt you are going to love playing these Trucktown Games on our website, especially if you already like trucks games. Even if you don't, we still recommend Trucktown Games to anyone, as we know just how fun they can be, since we played them all before we have added them on our website.

The Trucktown Games category was created in 26.01.2017 and from there we added more than 9 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 19 times and the best game from Trucktown Games it's Truck Stop.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 30.03.2017 which it's Trucktown Jigsaw.

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It is only on that you get to always find the best new amazing categories of games, which is what we are proving once again with the creation of the Trucktown Games category, which is a brand new category of Nick Jr Games, the third one created in one day, since we have discovered all of these new shows on this channel, shows that we know are going to become really popular over time, and we knew that that means that children want to play games based on those shows, and when it comes to that, we are always ready to provide our visitors with what they want. Of all the three new categories we have created today, Trucktown Games is the one to have the biggest number of games so far, so we are excited for that, since we know that you can get to have a lot of fun with these new characters. We are also excited for this show, since it is a show with a really interesting premise, nice animation, and so far, there are not that many shows that are similar to it on the market, and we always love it when there are unique shows for children, since we know how good they can be for improving them in all matters of speaking. We know that all of the Trucktown Games on our website are going to be really appreciated, and all those who will play them, are going to have a really awesome time doing so, especially since we have played them beforehand, so we know ourselves just how much fun we had with them, so we are sure it will be the same for you all as well. Now, if you are already a viewer of the show, then you probably know many things about it, maybe even more than us, so you won't bother with reading this description any more, but just get straight to playing our amazing Trucktown Games, and have a lot of fun. Well, this description is more for the other people, those who have no prior knowledge about the show or it's characters, even more so the games on this page. These children might be curious as to why they should try these games, and they want to know who they interact with in them, which is why in the next part of the description we are going to do our utmost best to give you details about the show, characters, and finally, about the different games on this category, in order for you to pick the one you are most interested first. So, obviously, we recommend to keep reading this description, especially since you are almost at the finish. In this show, the characters are all trucks, young trucks at that, who talk and think just like regular humans would, only they are trucks, so in a way, they are a lot different at the same time. Flat Bed Jack is the name of the main character that we follow through the show, and he is joined by his friends Dump Truck Dan, Monster Truck Max, and many others. Like all animated shows for preschoolers, this one as well, aims to teach them something important, and for this show, it is that kids can find solutions to any problem that they might have through playing and having fun. Of course, in addition to that, at the same time, the kids can learn a lot of things about the different types of trucks out there, what is their purpose, and how they help people in their day to day lives. Really interesting, right? Well, if you though that that was interesting, wait until you read about the Trucktown Games that we have prepared on our website for you all. Together with these characters you will get to drive them, race them, do music, and many other things. Of course, there are also the regular suspects as well, like puzzle games or memory games. The point is, no matter what game you choose to play from this page, playing it is going to bring you a lot of joy, and you won't be bored for even one second, that we can guarantee. Well, we hope that what we have written here has convinced all of you reading this to give a chance to these Trucktown Games, and that playing them is going to be the first thing that you are going to do when you are done reading this description. Of course, the number of Trucktown Games on our website is limited, like it is for all categories, so when you are done, remember that you have hundreds others to find new games in, and play them, so without a doubt you are going to have an amazing time, even when you are done with these games.