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True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games is a category of games that currently you cannot find on any other websites, so we are very happy we get to share it with you right now, just like you must be very happy that you can finally have so much fun with your favorite characters in the world. Start the fun right now, and stick with us, since we have even more content for you!

The True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games category was created in 02.10.2018 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1 times and the best game from True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games it's True Wishes.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.10.2018 which it's True Wishes.

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We now want to welcome everyone on our website over to the True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games category, which is a category of games we are very excited about, especially because we know very well that there are no other websites with friv games that have this category at this moment, so once more we get the chance of proving why we are the best website for you to come and search for online games, because here you are going to find everything that you want, and surely enough you are going to find all of the friv categories that you would want. We want our website to be as developed as possible, which is why we want to make categories for all the new shows out there, and we also work very hard to make sure that we look to the future, to the past, as well as to the present, which is the reason why we believe we have such an interesting slate of games for you to play for free. This series, called True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a series that had its premiere in 2017, and since it became so popular, it even had two spin-off series, so on this page, you are also going to be able to find True Magical Friends Games, as well as True Wonderful Wishes Games. While the series is quite popular, there have not been that many games released so far for it, but we are positive that there are going to be more and more of them added all the time, and we are also positive that each new game based on this series you are going to be able to find first only on our website. Now, we realize that some of you are not aware of this show, but might still be interested in playing True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games, and if that is the case, you can rest assured, since you can easily play these games without knowing even one single thing about the show that inspired them. Still, some of you are very curious, and would like to learn more, so we are going to use this following part of the description to explain what the show is about, who are the main characters in it, and finally, we are going to tell you what kinds of True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games free you get to play here, and surely reading this article will convince you that these games are worth playing! True, the main character of the show is an eight-year-old girl, who lives in the world of the Rainbow Kingdom, a fairytale place, whose citizens True helps with anything she can, and she does not do it alone, as she is joined by her very good friend, Bartleby, a cat. True is a very special girl, as she is the only one with the ability to activate magical powers that the trees have, special trees that have the power of granting wishes, and True can activate those powers to her will. Using them, she tries to solve the problems of the people of the kingdom. This is a show that aims to make children use their imagination more, convince them that it is worth helping their friends, and those around them, and that friendship is important, and doing good as well. Each new episode presents a crazy and new adventure for True to have in the Rainbow Kingdom, and surely you will never want to get out of this world. Of course, it is even more awesome since you can enter this world more directly and interact with these characters directly, through the True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games that we have to offer you here, games that we are positive you are going to love playing, from beginning to end, just like it has been the case for each and every one of us. Whether they are adventure games, skill games, puzzle games, or others, chances are you are going to have a fantastic time here! Now, we believe that all you should know about this category has been told here, so the next thing that we hope you do right now is start playing the games, and have fun like only here would be possible. We also hope that you do not stop here, but instead check out what other amazing games we have on our website, with hundreds of categories, and thousands of games, all of them highly recommended by us, since we know for a fact you can have fun with each and every game on this page. Remember to also invite all of your friends over, who we are positive will want to have a great time here!