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We are very happy that Victorious Games are now available on our website, since Nickelodeon Games are always fun to play, especially if they are based on such beloved shows as the one that these games have been based on. What are you waiting for, then? Start playing Victorious Games right now, and have fun!

The Victorious Games category was created in 14.07.2017 and from there we added more than 30 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 88 times and the best game from Victorious Games it's Cookie Wrap.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.07.2017 which it's Grab Truck Challenge.

Read More About Victorious Games

Victorious Games is a brand new category of Nickelodeon Games our administrative team is very ecxited to have created for all of our visitors from, where we are continuously trying to bring you as many awesome games, and for that, we really need to create as many awesome categories as possible. Well, since Victorious has been for years one of the best running shows on Nickelodeon, and even though the show is done making new episodes, it is still airing all over the world in re-runs, so we are sure that there are also a lot of kids everywhere that want to play these games, and now they do not need to look anywhere else, since our administrative team has made sure bo bring you the complete collection of Victorious Games, so stay here, and have a lot of fun! Another reason why we really needed this category of Victorious Games for our website is because we have seen that there are a lot of online games made after the show that are available, and we really like to have big categories of games, because since we know that once you like to play games with a character once, you like to play as many games with them as possible, and if you are a constant visitor of our website, you know very well that we always make sure to bring you all the available games with a certain set of characters. Now, there are chances that you have came to this page without knowing anything about Victorious, and you might not be sure that you want to play these games. Well, if that is the case, you can count on us when we say that you should definitely check out these Victorious Games, and that you will not regret the chance to play them even for one second. If you still need more convincing, then do not worry at all, because from this next part of the description we are going to tell you what the show is about, and we are pretty positive that after reading the plot and learning about the characters, you will want to play Victorious Games immediately, and after that, in order to do that, you will only need to browse this page for a while, and you will immediately find something that you want to play, and you will surely have an enjoyable time. Tori Vega is the main character of the show, and she is a teenager girl who has been accepted into one of the best schools for arts in the world, the Hollywood Arts High School, when she takes the place of her younger sister in an audition, who sincerely was not that good. In the show, we follow Tori trying to learn to live in a brand new environment, learn all sorts of new skills from the school, and not only that, but make all sorts of new friends, and have countless interesting adventures. Who are the friends that she makes in the show? Well, we have Andre, who is a musical prodigy, and ends up becoming Tori’s best friend. Robi, who is a socially awkward ventriloquist, Jade, a sarcastic and goth girl. We then have Cat Valentine, a sweet and naive girl, but often very stupid, and finally, Beck Oliver, a down to earth boy and Jade’s boyfriend. Well, this is the cast of characters with whom you interact with in the games, and we are pretty sure that you will enjoy playing with them a lot. What kinds of games? Well, the Victorious Games category of games can include all sorts of games, like bejeweled games, matching games, memory games, zombie games, skill games, cleaning games, quiz games, sports games, cooking games, racing games, ping pong games, and many, many other kinds of games. Well, did we not convince you to play these games already? We certainly hope we did, and we hope that the next thing you do is give these games a try, and we are pretty positive you will not regret it! There are so many of them available, and we really hope that you will try out as many of them out, to have the full Victorious experience! We have told you everything that we wanted about the games, so we can now only invite you once again to give these games a try! After you are done playing Victorious Games, we invite you to check out the many other categories of games that we currently have on our website, because we are sure that after you are done with these games, you want to play even more games on our website, and what is certain is that we have a lot of them, so it is never possible to get bored while on our website!