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We know how much you love playing Violetta Games, which is exactly why the Violetta Games category was created, and as you can see, we have a lot of fun games which you can play for free any time, any place! Start playing them right now, and have fun!

The Violetta Games category was created in 30.04.2016 and from there we added more than 25 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 157 times and the best game from Violetta Games it's Violetta Sing Along.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.06.2017 which it's Violetta Memory.

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The Violetta Games category on Friv Games Today is a game category which we are sure that many fans all around the world will appreciate, as Violetta was the most popular teenage telenovelas at the time that it was airing, airing on Disney Channel in hundreds of countries in the world, and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The interesting story of Violetta, the awesome songs featured in the show, and the loved characters made the show a true hit, and it also raised the popularity of online Violetta Games, which you will now be able to play on Friv Games Today also, as we know that you will appreciate these games. We doubt it that you are not familiar with the Violetta show, but if you are not, we want to convince you to play our great Violetta Games on the site. That is exactly why we invite you to carefully continue reading this description, where we will continue to tell you about the show, the characters, and of course, about the most fun Violetta Games which can only be found on! The story focuses on the title character, Violetta, who is from Buenos Aires, but has lived in Europe for many years. At the beginning of the show, she moves to Buenos Aires with her father, and her story starts to unfold. In this coming of age story, Violetta makes new and loyal friends, falls in love, like all teenagers, and also develops a passion for music. Music is a central part of this show, as every episode contains original songs, in all kinds of different genres. In the first season of the show, Violetta meets two boys, Tomas and Leon, two very different guys who both fall for Violetta and try to win her over. In the end, she chooses Leon, and Tomas leaves to help his father with his work. Ludmilla is the rival of Violetta, who is always trying to win over Leon. She has an arrogant personality, lies a lot, and is always scheming to hurt Violetta. These characters, and many more, attend Studio 21, which is a very prestigious music schools. There, they learn more about music, and that is why in almost each episode you can see them sing incredible songs. You will also be able to see that music will be an integral part in the Violetta Games on our website also. If you are wondering what kind of Violetta Games you will encounter in this category, we have the pleasure of telling you that almost all types of games are found here. You will have dress up games with Violetta or other characters, makeover games for girl, fun make up games, hairstyling games, and many more games for girls. You will also be able to play coloring games with Violetta, Violetta puzzle games, bubble shooter games, memory matching games, and all kinds of other great games. You should start browsing the Violetta Games category right now, find the game that looks more interesting for you, and start to play it. You will have a lot of fun with Violetta, here on our website, for sure!