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Start playing Wabbit Games on our website right now, and have fun together with Bugs Bunny and his many Looney Tunes friends!

The Wabbit Games category was created in 05.04.2016 and from there we added more than 32 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 37 times and the best game from Wabbit Games it's Wabbit Batter Up.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.08.2019 which it's Summer Time Splash Art.

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The Wabbit Games online category has just been created for you on Friv Games Today, where we want to be able to offer you as many fun games as possible, and we think that the addition of the Wabbit Games 2016 category is the right choice, as this new Boomerang Games online category is sure to attract many kids all around the world who would love to play all kinds of new Wabbit Games. That is because this is a new cartoon show, presenting new adventure of the Bugs Bunny characters, but it is also very important because Bugs Bunny is not a new character. In fact, he is a classic cartoon character from Looney Tunes, who has seen many incarnations along the years, Wabbit being just the most recent one. Bugs Bunny is one of the most beloved cartoon characters for us and many kids all over the world, so we are very happy that this new Wabbit show is airing, and that we can offer you some of the best Bugs Games online, here on Friv Games Today! As you can see, we also refer to this category as Bugs Games 2016, because in some parts of Europe, this show is named like this, and we want those fans to also be able to find these wonderful new Boomerang Games, because we want kids world-wide to be able to have Bugs Bunny Games at the tip of their fingers. Now, let us tell you more about the show itself, and then we will also tell you some things about the new Bugs Games that we have, but if you are anxious, why not scroll up and start playing them right away. Now, in Wabbit, or Bugs!, the character of Bugs Bunny is returning to his slapstick comedy roots, with episodes that are divided into two shorts that feature him and many of his friends. Some characters are different from how you probably know them, like Will E. Coyote, who is know a smat-aleck neighbour of Bugs Bunny, and the Thasmanian Devil, now named Theodore Tasmanian, is an accountant who represses his true self. Some of the new cahracters that show up on the show are Squeaks the Squirrel, or a child-like version of Bigfoot, who come to befriend Buggs Bunny. There are also villains in this show, like ninjas, barbarians, terminators, which he defeats with the help of his friends, always. Sounds very interesiting, right? Well, we hope that our short description of the show has made you want to play the fun Wabbit Games that we have on our website. There are not many Bugs Games 2016 yet, but we are sure that in time there will be more. So far we have a colouring game, and a matching game with cards that are very fun, and which we hope that you will start playing right after you finish reading this description. Well, know that you have all this info, start playing the most fun and interesting Wabbit Games on the internet, right here, right now!