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The Walk the Prank Games category was created in 03.08.2016 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 31 times and the best game from Walk the Prank Games it's Walk the Prank Puzzle Mania.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.08.2016 which it's Walk the Prank Jigsaw.

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If fun games is what you are looking for, then you are definitely in the best place to find them, and that is, the best website for online games, where you have the chance to find some of the most awesome and diverse categories, like this one, called Walk the Prank Games, which is the most recent Disney XD Games category that we have created for our website, where we give you the chance to play games based on this 2016 Disney XD show, which is unlike any other you have seen before, and we are sure that you couldn't find any Walk the Prank Games before you found them on our website. We are the first to add this category and create games for it, because we have found the show to be a lot of fun, the characters very interesting, and when we heard that a second season was already picked up, we knew that creating a Walk the Prank Games category is a good choice, as the show is probably going to stick around for years to come, meaning there will be tons of interesting games added here. Now, from the title of the category and of the show, you can clearly see that the show revolves around one thing: pranks. The story is centered around four children: Chance Baldwin, Herman Baldwin, Dusty Williams, and Bailey Schuster, who, if they are very good at something, well, that is doing pranks. The show is live action, and it is a scripted show, despite most prank shows not being scripted. Each episode has a story, and there are always pranks involved. Let's see some of the things that happen in the show, shall we? For example, Chance is flirting with a girl through text, and when she flakes on him, he starts to belive that Bailey is pulling a prank on him. There is also a very special episode called Adventures in Babysitting, in which the Walk the Prank team gets the help of the two stars of that Disney Channel Original Movie, in order to pull some pranks on some babysitters. The four children have all kinds of adventures, which center around their school, classmates, friends, or family, and there are always some fun pranks to be seen in the show. We hope that all the fans of this incredible show are going to stuck around on this page, in order to play the awesome Walk the Prank Games on our website. Firstly, you are invited to check out the game called Walk the Prank Puzzle Mania, which is the first game that was added in this category, and it is a game we created ourselves, made specifically for you to have fun. Of course, in the future, you can expect to find even more great games to play, and when you are done with the games on this page, remember that in addition to the Walk the Prank Games category, we have a ton of other great categories for you to also check out. Good luck to you all, and have fun!