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The Wellie Wishers Games category was created in 04.12.2017 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1 times and the best game from Wellie Wishers Games it's Wellie Wishers Characters Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 07.12.2017 which it's Wellie Wishers Characters Puzzle.

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Welcome everyone to the Wellie Wishers Games category, which is a brand new category of games for which we are extremely excited, knowing very well that there are not too many other websites out there to currently offer such games, and not only that, but we know that the vast majority of visitors of our website are girls, girls who come here daily because they know they will be able to find games to their liking, so we are sure that all of these girls are going to be extremely happy to see that we have Wellie Wishers Games, weather or not they have any knowledge of this series, because the games can be played nonetheless, and we have no doubt at all that you are going to enjoy playing them just as much as our administrative team did, which was the primary reason why we have added the category and it’s games, because otherwise we would not have brought them over in the first place. On our website, we try to create as many diverse categories as possible, so we create categories based on animated shows or movies, live-action shows or movies, books, video games, anime, manga, comic books, but there is another important medium for children which often times brings out lots of interesting games for children in the online world as well, and that is the world of toys. Toys are not what they used to be in the past, since now, there are usually toy lines of all kinds, which then inspired animated shows, comic books, books, video games, and other types of media, even movies in some cases, and now, with the internet, there are often times online games based upon those lines of toys as well, which is actually the case of the Wellie Wishers Games category, which is based on the toy line with the same name, the toy line being aimed towards girls between five and seven, just like the character toys are as well. They are a new line of toys, starting in 2016, so we are sure that they are pretty popular, as, when it comes to toys, new ones are always important. Well, now, in the next part of the description we are going to tell you who the main characters in this franchise are, after which we are also going to give you details about what kinds of Wellie Wishers Games you can expect to play on this page, and after reading all of this, we are sure that you will not miss a beat in starting to play the games yourself! Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille are the name of the five main characters in the franchise, who, like we previously said, are aged between five and seven, are very best friends, and they all met one another in a backyard garden, supervised by one of their aunts, where they spend their time playing together and having fun like girls do. They all seek to be very good friends to one another, which is one of the main important lessons that this franchise wants to teach children. The trademark of this line of toys are the footwear that the girls wear, since they are wellies, which are rubber boots primarily worn for rain, or in muddy places, and each of the girls wears a pair, and they are not your usual wellies, since they are quite unique in design, which makes them really fashionable. Well, with that, we have told you all that we wanted to tell you about the characters, so now, allow us to describe to you what kinds of Wellie Wishers Games are available on this page, since you must be curious. Well, so far, the category is comprised of memory games and puzzle games, which are both really popular and loved formats, but we have no doubt that in the future, more games are going to be added here, of all sorts, so the category is going to become more diverse, and even better than it already is. Until then, make sure you do not miss out on even one of the games you can play on this page for free right now! We hope that we have convinced you, and we hope that in turn you are also going to convice your friends to visit our website and play these Wellie Wishers Games, so that they share your experience, which we are certain is going to make both of your experiences even better. When you are done, do not hesitate to explore the rest of our website, as we have plenty of other categories that you might like, with a selection of thousands of free games waiting for you to try them, where we are sure that everyone finds something that they like!