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Zapped it's one new movie from Disney Channel and Disney XD where a young woman, a girl is changing the school and from this a whole new world appears where she can control the life of the boys.

The Zapped Games category was created in 11.02.2016 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 69 times and the best game from Zapped Games it's Zapped Listen and Obey.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.03.2016 which it's Zapped Listen and Obey.

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For all the players that love the shows from Disney Channel we present a new category full of games with the lovely Zendaya from the newst show, Zapped! This is a new show from DIsney Channel Original Movie where the plot it's about one beautiful girl named Zoey Stevens who just moved with the mother and 4 more brothers. The games form Zapped Games 2016 will take you in she's universe where each day it's a test. The main character from the show it's Zendaya as Zoey and the others brothers from the house like Adam who is the captain of the basketball team and form this he's in a continuted rush. The little one name is Ben and because he is the youngest, all the day he is dirty playing outside with his friends or toys. If you are a curious boy or girl, you friend have to bee Zach because he all day will do some disgusting mixtures and play with creepy things. The administration what the best new zapped games for you so we will try to do our best and collect the most interesting and captivating games and put them in this cateogry, games like puzzle, memory, coloring, adventure, for girls, and so on. The last man from the house it's Ted, the father of the family and the coach of the basketball team, a rigit man who love to be very early at school, so if you are from the team, you must be like him or you will get in troubles. Our main character Zoey at the start of the new school had made some bad decisions and ending up with some unlikely friendship with Rachel which will embarrassing her in the front of the class until some boys will defend her. The boys are named Jackson Kale and Tylor Dean and from this moment she will be in love with this two boys and some greate adventure will continue from here. In the Zapped Games Online we will present you more characters from the disney movie, but for now we will continue with the story. At the end of the day our heroine from Zapped loses her phone in the water and like magic her phone starts and works greate, but something it's not so normal. All the boys are doing exactly what Zendaya will say! From here a great story it's going to start so stay with us to view. Playing our game you will find what all the characters form Zapped Games do in the show. Zapped from Disney Channel was released in 2014 but it's one of the most interesting movei for kids like Frozen. Zoey will have some good days with her new phone where she have an app that control lots of people, but she finds out that tomorrow her brother Adam will have a big inspection and a scout will be in the public, so she have to do something so that everything be normal again. The games that you can find here are the best for the categories like disney channel games or girl games. We have a lot of characters for this show, but one of the most important are Zoey Stevens (Zendaya), Rachel Todds the best friend of Zoey, Jackson a boy who is in love with, Taylor Dean who is the big rival of Zoey, Adam, Yuki, Ted, Ben, Tripp and a lot more. This new show will be broadcast in Turkey in 2016 on Disney XD. We hope that you like this kind of shows with real characters like those from Zapped. Come here in everyday to play the most interesant and exciting online games from Zapped Games.