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The Zip Zip Games category was created in 26.07.2017 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 4 times and the best game from Zip Zip Games it's Zip Zip Grab the Muffin.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 30.03.2018 which it's Zip Zip Grab the Muffin.

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Zip Zip Games is the name of one of the newest categories of games that we have created on our website, where, as you can clearly see, we are constantly providing you all with as many awesome and new categories as possible, since we know that so many of you visit our website especially for that reason, since you know that we have the best content out there, so no doubt at all, you will be satisfied with this category as well. Another reason for that is because we know that this category of Zip Zip Games can’t be found on many other websites on the internet, with ours being one of the few who do provide these games, so no doubt at all, with the creation of this category, we are making many children very happy, because they might have searched the internet in the past for Zip Zip Games, and not found them, but now they have, and we are sure they will find them just delightful. Of course, there are many other reasons why we have put our faith in this category, and in order to have you also put your faith in these games and give them a try, we are going to use this remaining space we have in the description to tell you all about the category, and when you are done reading, we are sure that the first thing you will want to do will be to play these games. First of all, Zip Zip is an imported series in the US, since it has been originally made for France, and has aired three seasons up until now, with a fourth one being currently in production, meaning the series is pretty popular. It has also been picked up in many other places all over the world, so we are sure that not only english-speaking children are going to find and play these games. To better understand playing Zip Zip Games, we are now going to tell you what is the premise of the show, and who are the characters in it. Of course, due to the nature of the games, which are mostly going to consist of puzzle games, and memory games, there is really no need for you to know anything at all about the plot. Still, we are going to offer you this information because some of you might not be yet decided on whether or not you want to play Zip Zip Games, and if the answer is no, we hope that after reading this next part of the description, you will definitely want to to start playing these games as soon as possible. The show follows four creatures called as follows: Washington the fox, Sam the wild boar, Sam’s little sister, and Suzie, a black bird, got tired of their life in the wilderness, so they decided to take the road to the suburbs. Still, they are wild animals, who would not be well received there, so they decided to get some costumes, which have zips, and pretend they are pets, which is where the title of the show comes from. The ones who fell for this trick are the young animal-loving family called the Livingstones, with their real cate bing quite suspicious of these new animals. Of course, while they may be in costume and be able to pretend they are pets, their wild behavious sometimes surfaces, which is where we get so many amazing comedic moments, and that creates a lot of tense and interesting moments, which is what we think has made the show such a hit. As you can see, this category has everything: it is based on a popular animated show, which has an amazing and original premise, in addition to a colorful cast of characters, has a lot of great and diverse games based upon the show, and each and every game from this page is easy to find, and free to play, so you should not miss this opportunity at all. Once more, we are inviting all of you to start playing Zip Zip Games on our website, because we are positive that you are going to have a great experience, and you will not regret this decision even for one second. Of course, the number of games on this page is not infinite, so when you are done with the games here, do a quick browse of the rest of our website, because you are guaranteed to find lots of more awesome and great categories, as we have created many of them over time. Also, remember to tell all of your friends as well that on there is an amazing category of online games, called Zip Zip Games, in which they can have lots of fun, as we are sure that you want them to have a great time as well!