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In a city fulled with animals we have a young and little hero, with a big heart and a bigger dream: to become the first rabbit officer from Zootropolis! Play the newst games with Judy and Wilde the fox.

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We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 14.09.2018 which it's Judys Hidden Numbers.

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You will find this movie in 2 different titles, one for US that's Zootopia Games and one for Europe that's Zootropolis Games, so play cool, you are in the right place if you are looking for a fun animation movie that was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Animation Studio. If you are not a very big fan of animations, we recommed you to watch this one because is the best, fun, action, comedy, adventure and an incredible design and animation. Here humans are inexistent, we have just animals, but the animals that live here are just incredible inteligents... at least majority of them! Our story starts with a very funny rabit named Judy. Our protagonist and one of the main character was born in Bunnyburrow but decide to be the first bunny who is a police officer, so she make she's way to Zootopia or Zootropolis where unfortunatly she is assigned to parking by she's boss, Chief Bogo. For now we well not talk about characters because we will have a short brief down about all the main characters from Zootopia Games and Zootropolis Games. But of course our rabbit was not so happy with the job, so she try to arrest a thief, Duke Weaselton but she was at a step to be fired. One day after she accepted a new case, but with a big bet, if she will not find the missing husband in 48 hours she will move on from becoming a police officer! That's someting really big and important, we hope that all will be good. After a while she will meet Wilde, the fox that saw something about her case, he saw a license plate number. But our second main character is not so serious about her case, so he try some attempts to flee. But now someting very important will happen because Wilde finds more about the case and he is in, he wants to help so Judy request that Wilde to join Zootropolis Police Departament and become her new partener! From here we will have many interesting events where our friends will try to catch one of the biggest enemy from Zootopia, Mr. Big. We have different realese date in the world but in general we will see Zootopia and Zootropolis in February or March all over the world. We have many characters in the movie like Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Chief Bogo, Bellwether, Mayor Lionheart, Clawhauser, Gazelle, Bonnie Hopps, Stu Hopps, and others. In forward we will talk a little bit about our main characters of the newst Disney movie, Zootopia - Zootropolis. Don't forget that here, on you will find all and the newest apps with Wilde and Judy and the only chance to play them, are visiting our category named Zootopia Games or for Europe, Zootropolis Games. We will start with our favorite bunny from the movie, Officer Judy Hopps, the main protagonist of the newst Disney Movie, Zootopia. An interesting fact about this character, is the first time she was not established like a main character, just like a sidekick for Wilde, but after some talks she manage to be one of the cops in the city. Judy is a young rabbit with a big dream, to become the first bunny officer in Zootropolis, and after a long hard work she will manage to grant she's biggest wish! She have this since a young girl when she was dressing up like a real cop. We will see Judy in different stanges like young Judy, when she attending her graduation ceremony, at her first job like a cop, like an officer an many others. We will se our protagonist in a new and big game named Disney INFINITY 3.0. Getting back at our movie, Judy is a optimist and determined rabbit with an energetic personality, like a little hero for us. She is loyal, intelligent and ambitious and with one big goal, to prove her worth on the police departement from Zootropolis and that she can make a better place in the world! Zootopia Games comes with another main character named Nick Wilde, a red fox that moved with his mother back then in Zootopia. When he was just a little fox, his dream was to join the local Junior Ranger Scouts. He is charming, he can obtain some good informations from the ladyes but in the same time he have a good mouth. With a great optimist he will help Judy to complete her mission in Zootropolis. Like Judy, Wilde will appear in Disney INFINITY 3.0. In the movie he will be in the police departament like a partner for Judy to help her on the biggest case: Mr. Big. The captain of the departament, Chief Bogo is a big buffalo that command a bigger departament with cops that are rhinos, elephants, hippos and one little rabbit! Bellwether is the main antagonist of the movie, and you will not say that because of her truly cute guise. She is the assistant of Mayor, a sweet sheep that have a big plan for Zootopia. Mayor Leodore lionheart is the mayor of the city, and if you think he is very brave, you will change your words after you will see the movie. He is the leader of Zootropolis and have a great quote, "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything", words that arrived to Judy too. We have another "brave" character in Zootopia, Clawhauser, the radio dispatcher from the Zootropolis Police Departament that just love Gazelle and donuts. Gazelle is the famous singer from Zootropolis and Zootopia and her voice is given by Shakira! We have more character like Finnick, Duke, Mr. Big, Gideon Grey, Flash, Yax, Otterton, and many others. So, that's all for today in this category. Come back each day for more fun and games with Judy and Wilde!